Violence Against Women During COVID

More and more stories are coming out about the violence against women during COVID. This blog will serve links to these stories so we can see just how pervasive this problem truly is.

Because of the pandemic, more women have been laid off and stuck at home with nowhere to go. That means that many are stuck at home with their abusers. “The home” is one part of the “trifecta of misogyny,” which is a term that feminist Mona Eltahawy coined. The trifecta of misogyny explains that “the state, the street and the home” work together to oppress women while at the center of the trifecta is patriarchy (Eltahawy, 2019).

Take a look at the following news links to see for yourself:

A Woman is Shot in the Head Over the Laundry

Husband Kills Wife, Illegally Votes on Her Behalf for Trump

Estranged Husband Tries to Use COVID-19 as a Cover for Murder

Covid: Husband not guilty of murdering wife in lockdown

Bus driver killed wife in ‘frenzied’ attack after ‘she told him to leave home because he had Covid’

Man Killed Wife and Then Himself Because He Falsely Feared Both Had Coronavirus

Articles from Scholarly Journals:

The pandemic paradox: The consequences of COVID-19 on Domestic Violence

Alarming trends in US domestic violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: a public health approach to manage domestic violence is needed

Home Is Not Always a Haven: The Domestic Violence Crisis Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Staying Home, Staying Safe? A Short-Term Analysis of COVID-19 on Dallas Domestic Violence

Covid-19 and Domestic Violence: an Indirect Path to Social and Economic Crisis

Family violence and COVID-19: Increased vulnerability and reduced options for support

This page will be updated as stories surface.

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