How to Get Involved

I regularly network with women and I am constantly looking for ways to get involved. I have found that most of us have common causes and common experiences, but surprisingly, we are not all coordinated and involved in tackling our causes. In all of my work and research of organizations, I have discovered that the League of Women Voters (LWV) is one of the best places to get started!

Many women are not aware of the League of Women Voters and its mission. This is an organization that is almost 100 years old and was involved in the movement for women’s suffrage! It’s also non-partisan and focuses on missions like helping people get registered to vote and to understand their voting rights. After all, people have fought for the right to vote and should have empowered voices.

LWV is a local and national organization. You will find that your local organization will advocate at the state level. When you get together with other LWV members, you will meet the people from your county who share the same state representatives. You will have an opportunity to meet your representatives and advocate your positions. You will have an opportunity to provide testimony on important bills being presented to your state. At the same time, LWV advocates at a national level. It’s a deeply well known and respected organization.

If you would like to learn more and join the League of Women Voters, check out their site at

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